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Imagination, Dreams, Fantasy
– Open Call for Artists

Deadline: 20 October 2023




We are in search of visual artists to submit their art to be showcased in an online exhibition. Artists from all mediums and countries are welcome to apply, including painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, and video artists.


Unleash your creative spirit and embark on a profound exploration of the realms of imagination, dreams, and fantasy. We invite visionary artists from around the world to submit artworks that transcend reality and delve into the deeper dimensions of these themes. Beyond the fantastical, consider how these realms invite contemplation on the essence of existence itself. Whether it's surreal landscapes, mythical creatures, or dream-inspired visions, let your imagination run wild. Your art can be a bridge between the tangible and the intangible, inviting viewers to ponder the nature of reality. Submissions welcome in all mediums. Dare to dream, and make the metaphysical tangible on canvas.

We look forward to receiving your inspiring contributions.


We are keen to learn about you! Please send us the following information, along with a sample of your work and an up-to-date CV:

- Contact information (full name, email, mobile)

- Details of the works (title, size, medium, year, price)

- Your artist statement/how your work relates to the theme (No more than 100 words).

- Your biography (No more than 100 words).

- Links (your website, Facebook, Instagram)

Please include the above information in a PDF file.

The sample of your work has to be up to 4 images. Please note two artworks from each artist will be exhibited.

Please send your email to and quote ‘Imagination, Dreams, Fantasy' in the subject field.

Or apply via CuratorSpace


Your work will be showcased in an online exhibition.

The exhibition will launch in November 2023.

We will publish a paperback catalogue of the exhibition. It will be professionally published in the format of a book in the UK.

You will receive a certificate of participation.

Apply to this exhibition opportunity is free, if your work is accepted, there will be a £30 fee for one accepted artwork and a £50 fee for two accepted artworks. 

For more information, please get in touch with us at

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