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Maryam Takhtkeshian was born in 1984 in Tehran where she lives and works. She received her BA in photography from Azad University of Tehran in 2008. She has held several solo shows and participated in many national and international group exhibitions, including Iran Année 38 – Arles Festival, France 2017, CerModern gallery of Ankara. She was awarded Crystal Simorgh for Best Photo at the 35th and 38th Fajr Film Festivals in Tehran in 20017 and 2020. She also was the Winner of the Youth under the age of 25 of the Mohsen Rasullah Prize of the Image of the Year (Tassvir Sal) in 2008. In addition to her artistic practice, since 2005 Takhtkeshian works as a cinema still photographer, and also cooperates with different newspapers and magazines in Iran as a documentary photographer. 

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