Nasrin A. Moghaddam 

The red fruits of pomegranate were falling on the iced water of the small well underneath at ground level, harmonious and transparent, a symphony. I was observing them e feeling joy. This is one of my first memory of when I was a child that I attribute to the discovery of Art in me. 

I used to like making the marionettes dance, while playing music in my head, a music that I had not ever heard before. I remember getting emotional whenever it rained, I was amazed by the smell of rain from the wet ground. All this made me happy. This was one of my very first approaches with my emotions..

In elementary school I discovered colors and drawing, and the same emotions of before. When the pencil was running on the paper, I could feel my cheeks heaten up and my heart beat faster, and inside me I could feel something different and extraordinary, a world that was only mine.

I used to spend hours looking at sparrows in the school garden enchanted by the beauty of nature, my source of inspiration, and by  animals and their greatness. This contact with nature brought me as an adult to live according to a vegetarian life style.

At 15 I started dedicating my time seriously to painting and music. I attended the school of traditional Persian music, where I played the string instrument known as Tar. My master, Lotfi, was the greatest of his time and his presence helped me approach the professional world of Art, while for drawing I followed very talented artists, some nowadays still active. 

The tragic events that occurred in Iran in 1979, the dramatic situation that followed the “Islamic siege”, and the war lead me to take a difficult decision. In that political situation It was not possible for me to draw and study the human body and to have a free mind to dedicate to Art. I left my beloved city of Tehran. 

I moved to Florence, where my XVI century’s master Michelangelo had drawn breath through his lifetime, a place where I could pursue my interest in art without being tormented. In Florence I attended the school Libero del nudo, the Academy and afterwards I studied the old masters, especially Michelangelo and Caravaggio. 

Unfortunately life in Italy was not easy, I was missing my musical instrument and I had a lot of hard times. I had to face the harsh truth of life, and pain dragged my art on its path, as it can be seen in the mark left by it on my paintings of that time. However, what kept me alive were hope and the awareness that the research of of beauty consists in finding the balance between emotions so that each one can take shape with its own color. 

Nature has been for me my only source of inspiration and the only teacher that taught me shapes and colors, as well as how to live. My love for nature comes through also in my daily life, since I’ve been vegetarian since I was 15 years old. I painted and observed nature, and so I managed to find my lifestyle. I graduated from the school of graphics and illustration and then I attended the university of history of Art to study the old Masters. I also managed to resurrect my interest in music as a passion by studying the pianoforte. And so I lived every moment with Art, my inseparable companion. 

Always searching, my art is constantly evolving. Now I feel like I have entered a new phase in my artistic path. As a loner, I am not affected easily but other people’s influence, even though I do recognize that having lived in Italy many years and the my millenarian culture heritage from my home country Iran have helped me find my own art style, some of its elements being geometric shapes, bright colors and static composition of dynamic elements, very in line with oriental culture.