Alexia Koudigkeli | Earth’s fingerprint | Acrylic on canvases, 7-piece painting

Alexia Koudigkeli

Earth’s fingerprint
Acrylic on canvases
7-piece painting 80x100cm



This painting is meant to reflect upon this difficult time we find ourselves into. People are divided yet strangely united, as we are all fighting the same battle. As a creative individual my projects and interests vary from time to time. Therefore, I felt the need to create something relevant and inspiring, while the world is in need of positive and encouraging words and visuals. The seven canvases symbolise the seven continents of Earth. My aim is to capture the essence of the situation in a more hopeful and symbolic way, with Europe, the smaller in size continent being in the centre of the artwork as it is in the centre of the pandemic. This planet with all that it entails is leaving a fingerprint on all of us and it is our choice and duty to decide to remain strong, united and creative through it all.


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