Gottfried Binder | Impala print​​​​​​​ | aluminum dibond | 200x200x3 mm

Gottfried Binder

Impala print

Available as aluminum dibond, plastic / aluminum, matted

200x200x3 mm


In the year 1930 the original picture with the title "Unemployed during the Great Depression" was taken, the global impact of the economic crisis of 1929 extended with full force to all social areas: production, culture, politics, services and everyday life. Out of great need, many people were ready to take on any work imaginable. Not only was the role of the welfare state, the individual  responsibility and social classes set under new circumstances; enabling the catastrophe of National Socialism was also a direct result of the fall of the Weimar Republic.

As an iconic picture of a situation, the original photography – part of the archive of the German Historical Museum Berlin – was transferred into the present of the current COVID-19 situation in 2020. The freelance "I offer" of the culture and art sector is inverted from the employee "I am looking for" of the unemployed proletariat and thus serves not only as an ironic self-portrait of the artist Gottfried Binder, but also as a serious symbol of a whole generation of freelance artists who act as the last remnant of a precarious service sector and always work ideally on the brink of economic bankruptcy.


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