Shadli Shaghaghi

Pearl, 2019

From 'Head’ Series

Acrylic on canvas




Each of us has many of self-deception's stories. Then with these dark sides, we try to ignore than face. Therefore as a painter, I express through my paintings about ‘the human’. In my artworks human's faces are made up be in mental injuries, bondage, pain and shadow and I try to see a peek into the unconscious. However, the characters are grievous and introverted but strong!

I find inspiration in theories of psychology held close for reflection and I've been highly influenced by Carl Jung and Francis Bacon. According to Jung's theory, the personal unconscious contains temporality forgotten information and well as repressed memories.

Working on my painting has enabled me to cope with whisper stories! Accordingly, painting and psychic energy can motivate me the individual in a number of important ways, including struggle, spirit and emotion.


Shadli Shaghaghi is an Iranian artist who lives and works in Germany. She studied at the Tehran University of Art where she got her Master degree in Handicrafts. As a painter, her artworks are significantly addressing the main theme of ‘the human’. She tries to see a peek into the unconscious and self- deception's stories. Meanwhile her approach of forward-thinking as a dominate feature provides her with a new insight into the universe.

Shadli Shaghaghi | Pearl, 2019 | Acrylic on canvas | 50x70cm

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