Szilvia Ponyiczki | Calvary, 2020 | acrylics on canvas | 60x60cm

Szilvia Ponyiczki

Calvary, 2020

acrylics on canvas

60x60 cm


I investigate the potentials of the personal and collective unconscious for artistic self-expression, especially in the field of painting. More recently, I am interested in depicting the impact of society on the individual and looking for ways of soul representation.

Ever since C.G. Jung’s extensive unconscious-mapping work it is widely accepted that dreams are the utterance of the unconscious.

People of ancient cultures were great believers in dreams and their powers. They were convinced that dreams were oracles, messages of gods or demons; and depending on their culture they had different rituals facilitating insightful dreams. Unfortunately this knowledge has gradually lost its importance during the development of mankind. Dream appreciation and interpretation gained back some of its importance through the writings of S. Freud and C. G. Jung, and through the works of the surrealists in arts. I believe that dream representation can take us back to that lost ancient knowledge of mankind, make the human unconscious accessible; showing us what we do not know, what we do not notice.

There are many people who regard dreams as a negligible by-product of the psyche. Yet, if we consider that almost the half of our lives is passed in a more or less unconscious state it can give us the push to at least start to discover the realm of dreams. For me it is a fascinating world. My dreams have been interpreted with the help of a Jungian analyst for years; my works represent the blurriness of this oneiric realm without explanations, hoping to invite the audience along for a journey in the unconscious world.

To portray the obscurity of the dream-world I work with layers, broken shapes and images, combined styles and acrylic methods. My latest paintings are composed of religious and mythological symbolism and saturated with tormented Humanoid figures.

In the state of lucid dreaming, I use the capability of the unconscious creating snapshots of a specific subject. By delving into the symbolism and messages of these oneiric images and interpreting them with a Jungian analyst, I select the ones for portrayal.

I believe that art can be a catalyst for individual and cultural transformation, enhance human potential and promote individual and common good.


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