Yonat Chameides | Covid Passover Plate |Liquid clay, cloth | H7, L110, W40 cm

Yonat Chameides

Covid Passover Plate, 2020

Liquid clay, cloth

H 7, L 110, W 40 cm


The Passover festival in Israel is celebrated nowadays in isolation & self-imprisonment.Another biblical name for this festival is the Holiday of Freedom, which has a special significance this year.One of the symbols of Passover is The Seder plate- a special plate containing symbolic foods.Each of the items written and arranged on the Seder plate has special significance to the retelling of the story of Passover, the slavery and exodus. 
Here is my version of the Seder Plate. The kite contains the items symbolizing aspects of slavery, as in the Seder plate.


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