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Everyone decides to bet. A "friendly" atmosphere reigns at the table, all participants in the game know that someone has one queen (one of the dealer's five cards is always placed open, and it was the queen that was open in this hand), and almost everyone bets. "Jacket" turns over his cards and puts forward a combination - three queens!!!

A sigh of disappointment is heard around the table - it's hard to imagine that someone has something more! Some in their hearts sharply move losing cards and bets in the direction of the croupier, someone is waiting for the croupier to reveal his cards and suddenly there will be something unprecedented.

First, the dealer collects bets that are recognized as losers by their owners. He has the right not to open the cards moved in his direction and, before picking them up, he must check the presence of all the chips participating in this box in the game, and first pick them up, and then

only cards.


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