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Neda Jafarzadeh-Kermani

Sima Eftekhary-Rad has been painting for more than 3 decades, having started her painting lessons with leading Iranian Artists at an early age. She holds an’ Upper Diploma’ in Curating from University of Miras-e Farhangi (Iranian Cultural Heritage Organisation, Tehran); a BA in Painting from Al-Zahra University, Tehran; and an MA in Art Research from University of the Arts, Tehran.

In addition to her studio work, Sima had been active in the educational sector, from 1997 to 2017, teaching drawing and Painting and also ‘Khiali-Negari’ at , Azad, and a number of other Universities; at Moddaress and Mahr-e-Vatan Secondary Schools; and at Hara and Zeinab Primary Schools. 

Sima was a member of the Policy Council of Design and Creativity Exhibitions in Contemporary Iranian Crafts (DCICH; 2017); The Frontier (2nd Ceramic-based exhibition, 2015); and The Breakable (the 1st Ceramic-based exhibition, 2016) . In addition, she has served as a member of the Jury at a number of Art Festivals and Art competitions. From 1993 to 1997, Sima was Curator in the Anthropology Museum of Golestan Palace (Iranian Cultural Heritage & Handicrafts Organisation).

Moreover, Sima has been active as an Art Critic, writing for a number of magazine in Iran, and has contributed to a number of publications: An Introduction to the Art of Khiali-Negary, SAMT Publications, 2017; Art in Islamic Civilization, Crafts Arts, SAMT Publications, 2017; Research, The Truth of Knowledge, Meshkat-e-Danesh Publishing Institute, 2012; Qajar Carpets, Research project commissioned by the Academy of Arts, 2010; Today's Picasso is the Magician of Yesterday, Rahpuyeh Art, No. 1, 2006; Iranian Women Painters since the Thirty Years of Iran Revolution, SOAS University, London, 2009; Articles in the Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, 2004-2005; A Look at Beksineski and his Collection of Art, Art and Architecture Research, Noghteh, 2010; Looking back on History, Rahpuyeh-e Honar, No. 5, 2008; Color in Mosques, Mosque Architecture Conference, Tehran-Kashan, 2001; Golestan Palace Anthropological Museum; Iran-Shenasi Journal, 1992; and contribution to the Conference on The Status of Spiritual Customs in Traditional Arts, Sooreh University and Iranian Academy of Arts, 2008.

If you are interested to purches Sima's artworks, please contact us. 

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