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Varvara Zabezhinskaya

Varvara Zabezhinskaya

Specializing in mixed media, was born in Russia and is currently based in Netanya, Israel, with roots in Moscow.

Drawing from my background in psychology, my journey as a visual artist revolves around delving into the elusive realm of emotions and mental states, those that remain concealed within the human experience. Exploring emotions such as depression, anxiety, grief, burnout, and vulnerability, I aim to underscore their profound impact on an individual's well-being. My creative approach involves using the human body as a poignant canvas, allowing me to bring these abstract challenges to the forefront.


Within our societal framework, unspoken conventions often discourage the open expression of what society deems as 'negative' emotions. Yet, I believe that emotions themselves aren't inherently positive or negative but rather exist within a spectrum of acceptability. Through my artistic endeavors, I strive to dismantle this notion, revealing these emotions as an intrinsic and significant part of our shared human journey.


My ultimate goal is to enable viewers to witness and comprehend the visual representation of what it means to grapple with these profound feelings. By fostering connections and cultivating empathy towards those experiencing similar internal battles, I aspire to create a space for healing and understanding.


To bring my artistic vision to life, I utilize my body as a primary medium, employing a diverse range of materials such as wax, clay, paints, fabric, and more. In merging traditional art forms with contemporary techniques, including photography and digital tools, I aim to shed light on these often unspoken emotions, urging society to acknowledge and embrace their significance. My creative philosophy intertwines creativity with compassion, utilising art as a powerful tool to delve into the depths of emotions, while promoting empathy, acceptance, and ultimately, healing.

Interview with Varvara Zabezhinskaya

It's always a journey of exploration and experimentation, which I find to be one of the most exciting aspects of the creative process.

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