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Artist Room Residency





Flexible duration


Online (Cista Arts website + Social media platforms)



Application guidelines:

Please send your art portfolio, website and a few lines introducing yourself and your project proposal at


All year long applying possible

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Are you an artist? Are you willing to have an ARTIST RESIDENCY at CISTA ARTS?

ARTIST ROOM RESIDENCY is a new space for artists who are working all around the world to have a new experience in between their day to day art practice and an online platform. Typically, an artist residency is a place - usually secluded- where visual artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers, or other creative professionals go to produce work for an extended amount of time. Artist-in-residence programs give artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. During a residency, artists can explore new locations, different cultures, and experiment with different materials. 


Attending a traditional artist-in-residence program is not always an option for many artists. It can be expensive or too complicated, given the demands of daily life. For some, moving between borders might be a huge barrier; involving a long and costly visa process. In any case, nowadays, with only one click we can visit a city where we never been; or talk with someone, who, in a traditional way of life, we would never otherwise meet. 


CISTA ARTS reverses the typical residency process. For a specified length of time, CISTA ARTS offers an online platform for artists - in any discipline. Rather than the artist traveling to a new place, they will open their studio to everyone, not only local people but also anyone who has access to the internet. This is a new experience for artists as well as art lovers. In other words, usually, artists only exhibited their final product to their audience, then, their studios as a place and the process of their creation are considered as a privet space and manner. On the other hand, artists’ studio as space, and the process of artwork creation and/or a daily studio life of an artist could be interesting for art lovers. 


Artists have to think about what they want to show and how they want to use this online platform to connect with new audiences. For instant, artists choose what they want to use; images, video, recorded description, blog, all or either! Maybe even something we haven’t thought of yet! 


CISTA ARTS welcomes submissions from artists - in any discipline-  to be considered for the Artist Room Residency. If you are interested in being part of this program, please submit your biography, together with your portfolio and your residency plans (including a suggested timeline), to CISTA ARTS using the contact details below.


Decisions on suitability are made by a curatorial committee which meets on a monthly basis. We will let you know the outcome within one month of receiving your work.


If the decision is positive, CISTA ARTS will ask you to submit your complete proposal. CISTA ARTS will then draw up an agreement to be signed by both parties. As part of the agreement, we will undertake to promote your artwork across our site and through our social media channels.

If you would like to participate in CISTA ARTS Artist Room Residency program, please contact us at

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