CISTA ARTS offers the following services to artists, designers, buyers, collectors, and publishers: 


  • Providing an online platform for artists to market their works.

  • Offering exhibition space for artists to display their artworks.

  • Presenting artists’ works at art festivals, art fairs, and auctions. 

  • Acting as publishers in creating books of art, catalogues, and booklets.

  • Providing a platform for clients interested in acquiring Middle-Eastern artworks. 

  • Locating and purchasing Middle-Eastern artworks of interest to clients. 

  • Advising interior designers on selection of artworks and prints for commercial and private premises.  

  • Providing landscape designers and architects  advice on suitable sculptures and site-specific artworks. 


Online Studio

CISTA ARTS  offers professional support in creating an online platform to showcase your artworks. This platform will serve as a window in representing  your artistic work to the whole world.


Your Work

Publication, online and in physical form, enables artists to showcase their artistic work, and gain enhanced recognition.


CISTA ARTS offers full support, from initial consulting on contents, images, page layout,  cover design, and printing to marketing and distrbution.

Our printing and publishing services encompasses artists' books, catalogues, and booklets. 


What Else?

Have we covered everything of intreset to you?

Please let us know if there are certain services which you may require, and which has not been covered here.