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For Artists

Are you an artist or owner of an artwork? Are you willing to have your artwork showcase at CISTA ARTS?

CISTA ARTS welcomes submissions from new artists and art collectors to be considered for inclusion on its site.

If you are interested in having your work featured on our online platform, please submit your biography, together with your portfolio, to CISTA ARTS using the contact details below. Our experts are always available to assist you in exhibiting and selling your artworks.

Decisions on suitability are made by a curatorial committee which meets on a monthly basis. We will let you know the outcome within one month of receiving your work.

If the decision is positive, CISTA ARTS will ask you to submit high-resolution photos of yourself and your work. We will also require descriptions of featured artworks, together with condition reports and sale prices.

CISTA ARTS will then draw up an agreement to be signed by both parties. As part of the agreement, we will undertake to promote your artwork across our site and through our social media channels.

If you would like to be one of our artists, please contact us at

Your Online Studio

CISTA ARTS  offers professional support in creating an online platform to showcase your artworks. This platform will serve as a window in representing  your artistic work to the whole world.

Online Exhibition

CISTA ARTS offers you an online space to exhibit your artworks and art projects regardless of its medium. The exhibition will be up to two weeks as a 'current exhibition' and after that will archive as 'past exhbitions'

Online Artist Residency

ARTIST ROOM RESIDENCY is a new space for artists who are working all around the world to have a new experience in between their day to day art practice and an online platform. CISTA ARTS offers you an online space to artist to open their studio to the public and show their daylily progress of an art project.

Publishing Your Work

Publication, online and in physical form, enables artists to showcase their artistic work, and gain enhanced recognition. CISTA ARTS offers full support, from initial consulting on contents, images, page layout,  cover design, and printing to marketing and distrbution. ​Our printing and publishing services encompasses artists' books, catalogues, and booklets. 


CISTA ARTS, based in the United Kingdom, is a professional online gallery offers artistic and cultural opportunities & products, in the highest level of quality and variety. CISTA ARTS handles sales in various categories including modern & contemporary art, calligraphies and many more mainly focused on the artists from Middle-east and the ones with Middle-eastern background. We, at CISTA Arts, are working among a large group of internationally recognised experts and professionals in art. CISTA ARTS  provides a wide range of services such as Online platform, Valuation of artworks and Publication. Please contact us, should you wish to learn more about CISTA ARTS's services.

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