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Alex Viatkin

Alex Viatkin

video artist based in Istanbul

Alex Vyatkin was born in a small town in Western Siberia. He started creating his first video works at school. Then he received two educations – a theater director and a film director. He lived his adult life in St. Petersburg, where he worked as a director and was actively engaged in video art. Alex gets most of his inspiration from the works of David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky. More than two years ago, the artist emigrated from Russia and is now engaged in his work in Istanbul.

My artistic exploration delves into the subconscious and the allure of simplicity. Through a blend of monochrome tones and minimalist settings, I provoke introspection and evoke a sense of wonder. By focusing on themes of identity, conflict, and the delicate balance between reality and dreams, my work invites viewers to contemplate the mysteries of the human psyche.

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Interview with Alex Viatkin

I believe that without experimentation, there's no me, and without experimentation, there's no art. Therefore, my artistic signature is essentially experimentation. I strive not to limit myself in this regard.

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