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Nesibe Bostancı

video artist based in Istanbul

I am Nesibe Bostancı, a female video artist residing in Istanbul. Being a woman artist in Turkey, where the art scene is predominantly male dominated, has presented distinct challenges. Despite the rich cultural backdrop, there were moments when I felt constrained in fully expressing my creative voice. These challenges have fuelled my desire to engage with platforms that have diverse perspectives, further enhancing my determination to share my art with a wider audience.

I employ the medium of video to create artworks that encapsulate the fluidity and tranquillity of life, resonating with the senses and the essence of individuals. Drawing inspiration from the visual milieu that surrounds me—comprising architectural forms, intricate patterns, the wonders of nature, and harmonious colour combinations—I strive to construct a visual narrative that reflects the diverse dimensions of existence. The driving force behind my artistic endeavours is people. Their presence consistently serves as a poignant reminder of the myriad undiscovered stories awaiting exploration. My art is an amalgamation of individuals seamlessly integrated into this captivating visual realm. I derive satisfaction from entrusting the interpretation of narratives to the audience, fostering a personal and subjective connection with my works. I staunchly believe in the transformative power of art, capable of constructing entirely novel worlds and evoking unique experiences for the viewer. In my view, art will strengthen our collective creativity as we draw inspiration from past and potential lives, enhancing our collective creative capacity.


Interview with Nesibe Bostancı

I aim to touch people's inner worlds, enabling them to articulate themselves and shed light on societal issues. I believe that my art can bring people together and contribute to societal change. Therefore, I strive to ensure that my art has a positive impact on society. 

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