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Finding the Perfect Location for your Portrait Photographs

The foundation of a successful photoshoot is finding the perfect location. It sets the perfect tone for your photography as well as determines the standard of photography you will achieve. We have curated some tips which will be useful the next time you choose a location.

Choose somewhere quiet

Unless the aesthetic of your shoot is a busy environment, a portrait shoot always works better when it is done somewhere a bit more calm. This is because there is a risk of constantly waiting for the area to quieten up and people to move out the frame. Also, the subject of your shoot may also struggle to completely relax, meaning the results may not turn out how you want them.

Natural lighting

You can never go wrong with natural lighting, many professional photographers even refuse to shoot anywhere else. The way to do this is by avoiding direct sun as this can produce harsh shadows that may impede your results. Going somewhere slightly sheltered, yet bringing in natural light is guaranteed to give you the best photography.

Don’t let the location overpower the subject

Although the perfect location is key, it shouldn’t be distracting to the main subject. A good way to avoid this is by regularly checking your photos as you take them. If you find the first thing you notice is the background rather than the main subject, it’s possible you’re being distracted.

Practice makes perfect

No one gets perfect results straight away. Testing the waters to see what particularly works best for you and your subject is the right way to get perfect results. This way, you will even learn new techniques and become better at producing good-quality photographs.

We hope you take away a lot of tips from this article next time you are deciding on a location for your photoshoot. If you are interested in purchasing photography or are an emerging photographer looking for support, look no further than CISTA ARTS. We will provide you with services such as a platform for you to market your work, exhibition space, presenting your work at art festivals and much more. Please follow the link for more information you can also email if you have any questions.

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