The Perception

29th February Through 15th March, 2020

Homayoon Tak

The Perception

Homayoon believes painting is a direct search and encounter within his inner world. For him creating the space is the most vital point, where every observer find himself, according to their own personal perception. To create his Art work he uses different mediums and techniques, mainly works with acrylic and oil.

About the artist

Homayoon Tak is an abstract artist, Painter, Sculptor, Photographer and Illustrator, based in Tehran, Iran. He holds a BA degree in Painting from the Faculty of Art & architecture, Azad University in Tehran. He has held many individual and group exhibitions in Iran. He has taught painting; drawing to individual and groups of students both at his own workshop and at various art schools. He illustrated books in Iran which most recent project is currently at the final publication stage, where has applied original digital technics to create a unique work.