Wonders of Creation

5th August Through 15th August, 2020

Shahnoosh Amiryeganeh

The Perception

My paintings are full of colors. I don't do etudes for painting and I don't use brushes or a painting tripod, and my audience fined something new each time they look at my works. These works look as if they are created digitally so when people look at them, they find it hard to believe that they are drawn by hands. These complicated images are created spontaneously and without any previous thoughts. I have loved painting since I was a little kid and after 32 years of teaching, marriage raising children and retirement this love and passion is still the same.

After my retirement and the independence of my children, I seized the opportunity to learn painting privately and I become acquainted with the basics of art and painting techniques such as oils, watercolor, gouache and pastel for 10 years and I have artworks in these fields.

Now my paintings are very different and they are marvelous and unpredictable for me. These paintings are not repeatable and they are coincidences and no matter how many are created, they will be different. When my audience talks about the beauty, joy and energy of the colors of my paintings, I remember Vincent Van Gogh, whom I appreciate him very much. These paintings, which are created by my own innovative method, are decorative and in addition, they can be used in making various functional and decorative items.

Now I have the ability to create conceptual works, portraits, calligraphy and collections in any dimension.

According to experts, my painting is unique and they have predicated a good future for me.

My wish is to be able to create unique, valuable and lasting works, and I will be very happy if my innovative method in painting is noticed by the enthusiasts and lasts forever. 

All works are mounted on the chassis board and covered with resin for protection.




Shahnoosh Amir Yeganeh was born on June 20, 1949 in Anzali, Iran. Her father Aziz Amir Yeganeh, was an army officer, due to her father’s assignments, she spent her childhood in different cities throughout the country. Her enthusiasm to painting unveiled in youth time. Painting lessons were her best times in weekly schedule during school time and she was keen to go to class. Her art works received acknowledgment from teachers and classmates. As a woman in her sixty’s, her color pencils make same feeling in her heart. Colors make her excited and increase love and energy all over her heart. She transmits this enjoyment, love, and energy to her viewers through her art works. Later on, her commitments as teacher, spouse and mother, banned her to appoint to her spirit’s enthusiasm. After retirement from 32 years work as a teacher, and grown up her children, she found an opportunity to train painting, and for about 10 years, she taught different methods of painting, and its principals and techniques. She made some classic and real artworks using gouache, pastel, and oil paint. However, what respectful viewers see on this website, are single ones using different methods and materials in abstract style that shows her endless eager to color. In these pictures, the viewer sees what s/he likes to see. Colors are brilliant and energetic and give happiness, joy to work, and life atmosphere. These paintings have decorative character, so the owner can trust that s/he has the unique artwork.