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Famous Architecture in London

A wise man once said, if you are bored of London, you are bored of life. London is one of the world’s most visited cities as it is rich in culture, history and sights famous all around the world. The city alone has so much impressive architecture to offer.

Starting off with a building that is often compared to a fairytale castle, the Tower Bridge is located right next to the River Thames. It is one of the last buildings designed in a Neo-Gothic style which is architecture influenced by architecture of the Middle Ages. Construction started in 1886 and architects were certain the structure would last around 99 years. It has now been 125 years and the Tower Bridge stands strong.

One of the most recognisable sights in the capital is the Anglican cathedral, St Pauls Cathedral. It’s dome is framed by the spires of Wren’s city church. For the past 300 years, it stands at 365 feet and happened to be the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1963. The dome is still one of the highest in the world.

Known as a sophisticated structure, is The Shard. The 72-storey skyscraper. The pyramidal tower consists of 72 floors, a viewing gallery and an open air observation deck. The architect behind the masterpiece believed the slender design would become a positive addition as it would look more delicate compared to the designs surrounding it.

The British Museum is dedicated to human history, art and culture. Construction started in 1823 and was influenced by Greek Revival architecture as it was designed as a quadrangle with four wings. The reason behind this is Greek Revival architecture became increasingly popular in the late-18th century when Western Europeans began to explore Ancient Greece, hence the inspiration for the building.

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