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How to Choose the Right Sized Art for Your Space

A piece of art on your wall not only creates a focal point in your living area, it showcases your artistic vision and acts as a finishing touch to any interior design. However, it is important to pick the right piece of art that will enhance your room and in this case - size matters.

Hanging artwork on wall


As simple as it may sound, a helpful way to determine whether a piece of art would suit your wall is by visualising it, and this can be done by using painters tape, post-it notes or paper. Follow this by taking a step back and taking it all in and even taking pictures on your phone to fully examine what the area would look like.


It is also important to have your art located in the correct position for it to stand out at first glance. The safest rule to go by is to have the centre of your canvas at eye-level. Achieving the perfect height for your wall art can have a striking effect which is desirable.


It’s a much safer bet to go for a larger canvas than a smaller one. You want your piece of art to stand out as it complements a room better than just an empty wall. A work of art is the finishing touch for any interior design, so you want it to draw attention to those who first enter the room.


Shape is also an important factor when picking the perfect piece of art. A key tip to remember is that a portrait canvas creates a sense of openness in any room whereas a canvas that is landscape, fills the visual field.

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