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Tips on Art Promotion

Are you a creative trying to get your work recognized? We’ve come up with some key tips to help you get on the right path and succeed in the art industry!

Building an art portfolio may seem like a pretty obvious tip however, it's common to not always use the right material. In order to create the perfect portfolio, it is important not to use all your work but only select your most skilled pieces. Showing your best pieces will make a buyer more interested in your work and intrigued to see more.

Artist portfolio

Getting involved with your community is a simple & low cost technique of art promotion. For example, donating one of your pieces to a charity event means publicity from all the people at the charity event and your name will be remembered for future art purchases. Additionally, going to local schools and teaching students about a particular technique of art whilst using your own as examples can set a good impression of yourself to the teachers who may become interested in your work.

Networking is another underrated form of art promotion. Previous buyers may still be interested in work, so sending over a newly crafted portfolio just for the potential client may have them interested in more work.

Building an art portfolio may seem like a pretty obvious tip however, it's common to not always use the right material.

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Selling your art online is a great way to start. Here at CISTA ARTS we provide creative individuals an online platform to market their work. This will seriously benefit you as a lot of buyers like to explore their options online, meaning you have a higher chance of being discovered. It is very helpful to seek gallery representation, we can confidently offer exhibition space for artists to display artwork as well as presenting your work at art festivals, art fairs and auctions.

Here at CISTA ARTS, we are proud to take in new, upcoming artists and support them in various ways such as: providing an online platform to market work, offering exhibition space to market work, presenting artists’ works at art festivals, fairs, auctions and much more! For more information, please visit: Our Services or, email

CISTA ARTS offers professional support in creating your CV & artistic portfolio to showcase your ability, experiences & artworks. This will help your work to get recognised.
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