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Fatemeh Takht Keshian


Shade of Trees, A Reflection of My Silence Serise 

oil on canvas, 2015, 80 x 80 cm


In this series, I focus on space in particular cities’ landscapes to investigate nature found in cities and the image of a garden. The first idea of these works came from the reflection of trees on water streams that can be seen all over Tehran.

These images recall the wilderness of different parts of Iran that I saw during my trips: fields and deserts that are ornamented with individual trees. Trees are one of the few elements of nature that play a role in the civic life of human beings. Forests become smaller and cities become bigger. And humans try to find a new way to recreate lost nature within cities.

Therefore, they bring trees to cities, as an important element of nature, which look like strangers lost amongst buildings that stretch to the sky. This is how I define the existence of trees in cities: held captive in cities, trees imagine the free nature to which they belong.

In my paintings, trees remain as a shadow which is floating in their dreams. They are lost in the depths of cities. My garden’s trees are floating in their ambition.


Fatemeh Takht Keshian | Untitled |oil on canvas, 2009, 80x80cm

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