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Love on the PCB- Contemporary “Separation Pain” in Visual Form

Reza Rafiei Rad

ISBN: 978-1-64945-732-5

Book & Cover Design: Mehri Studio


Conceptual art, with its range of capabilities, presents to the artist the kind of free and creative ways and styles which, from the point of view of both vision and content, are new and contemporary. In the works presented here, an attempt has been made to put contemporary form to an old concept with roots in Persian poetry and culture. Here, when one speaks of separation pain (faraaq), one is predominantly speaking of love. In fact, love, beauty, and sorrow (hob, hosn, and hozn), are three important elements in Persian literature, where beauty of the beloved creates love, and separation from the beloved creates pain, in a lover’s perception. Hence, a fundamental triumvirate is formed: lover, love, and beloved. We will first define love, then describe and explain the faraaq-nameh (the book of “separation pain”) in literature, and also comment on this collection of works.

Love on the PCB- Contemporary “Separation Pain” in Visual Form


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