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Mary Azarm.


Acrylic on canvas June 2011

61X 45cm


Mary Azarm was born in Mashad, Iran and holds two degrees including B.A. in English language from Shiraz University in Iran and B.S. in Respiratory therapist from Salisbury University in MD. She lives and works in NYC. A large part of her life involved with political activities in Iran which had prominent impact on her social life. Mary always was into art, so she experienced drawing, calligraphy, pottery and theater. Painting became the one that could affect to her inner soul and thought. Mary thinks nature is the most fundamental inspiring for creating a piece of art as well asusing forms, colors or even the nature’s voices.

Painting is a means of communicating with viewers to her; positive thoughts and emotions would fetch a variant influences on them. She uses acrylic paints to paint her canvases and likes the fact that it dries fast. This aspect of it helps reflecting the spontaneity and freshness of feelings and ideas.

She participated in several group exhibitions in Iran and Maryland. The colors have significant role in creating ideas which express the big emotions. Her approach is based on sentiment and observation. She is trying to provide a space to make the viewer think and convey the peace inside of her to observer through her paintings.

Restlesness |Mary Azarm | Acrylic on canvas January 2012 | 61 X 45cm

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