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Architectural Mastermind: Antoni Gaudi

My recent winter trip to Barcelona, Spain was enlightening. Experiencing the culture, surroundings and people was beyond delightful, but what stood out the most was the beautiful architecture.

The mastermind behind Barcelona’s most notable structures is Antoni Gaudi. His unique inventions were the reason behind his success as he was inspired by his love for nature. As a result, his architecture consists of natural, organic designs such as biomimicry, this is a design style that replicates patterns found in the natural world. He would also use vivid colours to design vibrant and multi coloured patterns by incorporating mosaic tiles and stained glass into the multi-colour buildings he designed. Religious imagery is evident in his designs as a Roman Catholic tradition is visible through his buildings, also decorated with biblical images.

His work includes: La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Gaudi House Museum and many more. My personal favourite is the church, La Sagrada Familia and arguably Gaudi's most iconic building. Work for it began in 1882 however, it still remains unfinished as Gaudi passed away when only a quarter of it was completed. The mesmerising structure is made up of an elaborately decorated Nativity facade, a transept shaped like a cross, double aisles, and towers that reach 170 metres high.

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