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Art Improves Quality of Life

A world without art is unimaginable. It is essential as it gives life and everything around us meaning. It can help us form a deeper connection with our emotions as art creates self-awareness and opens our mind to new ideas.

Art can allow for a very personal experience. After all, it is expressed in ways which words cannot, through shapes, colours, lines, images. When creating art, whether it be through paintings, poetry or music, you are able to gain enjoyment whilst also reaping the benefits of improving your quality of life.

Art can be used as a form of therapy thanks to its stress-reducing qualities. Any artist will agree that whilst creatively expressing themselves, they are in their own little ‘bubble’, in the peak of relaxation. It also allows for more gratitude, meaning we feel more content with our lives. This is because making art means instant gratification therefore, we find ourselves in a state of satisfaction.

Scientific research shows that creative expression releases the chemical dopamine in our brains, which is responsible for why we feel pleasure and satisfaction. This has a strong effect on quality of life. Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College of London found that simply staring at art stimulates our brain the same way as falling in love. This is a major reason why bringing artwork into your home is a good idea.

'simply staring at art stimulates our brain the same way as falling in love'

If you are interested in expressing your own creativity, investing in art, or simply admiring the work of others, CISTA ARTS is the place for you. Here is the link for a range of artwork from various artists We also offer a range of services, here is the link to more information about this If you would like more personalized information, please email us directly at

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