Best Colours to Accent a Room

Colour is the first noticeable thing when you walk in a room. An accent wall can make or break a room, this is why picking the perfect colour for your accent wall is a must. In the following article, we will explore the best colours to feature on your accent wall.

For a child’s bedroom, you can never go wrong with a pop of pink. Bubblegum pink is a childhood favourite and makes the room more lively and welcoming. Try placing a small sofa chair in front of it to give the room a minimalistic look. Another bright colour perfect for your accent wall is teal blue. The fresh colour easily brightens any room whilst still adding a splash of colour. For a lighter feel, you can surround the wall with white furniture, allowing more light into the room.

A bold move would be painting your accent wall black. It sets the scene for a sophisticated room and would go with any piece of furniture as black complements all colours. If you aren’t ready for the commitment of a completely dark accent wall. A neutral colour is always a safe option. A grey espresso shade helps to add dimension and depth to any room.

Best known as the colour of happiness, painting your accent wall yellow is a great decision. It brightens your room enough to set a light tone, whilst not stealing the spotlight from the rest of the room. A yellow accent wall calls for an inviting guest bedroom or welcoming living space in general. A very chic shade, perfect for a young woman's bedroom is a grape purple. It works as a perfect accent wall and gives the room a modern feel whilst still being welcoming and calming.

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