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CISTA ARTS takes pride in all our talented artists. Each one offering a new creative perspective we both admire and learn from. It is with great excitement we welcome our new artist Nasrin Moghaddam.

Nasrin’s story as an artist is beyond uplifting. Nature has always induced her imagination. As a child, the smell of rain or witnessing fruit falling off trees put her in a state of awe. The discovery of colourings and drawings reignited the feelings of amazement as creative expression allowed Nasreen to feel different and extraordinary. She was able to live in a world which was only hers. She would spend hours watching the sparrows fly across her garden, enchanted by the beauty of nature.

Working in Florence, Italy since 1987, her chosen form of expression is painting and in particular, oil paintings. Inspired by surrounding nature, Nasrin expresses her thoughts and emotions into her work which means that each one of her paintings tells a different story. Specifically, drawing attention towards nature as she believes it is the true source of beauty. In Nasrin’s very own words: “Even the smallest creatures have a role to play in nature’s big scheme”.

Living in Italy for over 30 years now means that the nature portrayed in her paintings is inspired by the Tuscan Countryside and Mediterranean Italian Countryside. However, the basis of her particular style of art is of her Persian cultural heritage. Her work has been showcased in many exhibitions over the course of her career including, Mille di Sgarbi IV edition Italy, Emirates Art Connection 2020 Exhibition Dubai, 2020 Luxemburg Art Prize and many more.

We now welcome talented Nasrin Moghaddam to CISTA ARTS! Her art is constantly evolving, bringing in elements of geometric shapes and bright colours. If you are interested in viewing her work, please visit our artists page Alternatively, please email us at for more information!

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