Mojan Mazaffari

Naar-baghi #5

From Naar-baghi Series. 

Mixed media.

56 x 45.5 cm


We humans have a habit of destroying what nature and being fhas provided us. One of the most beautiful phenomena of existence is the postpartum communication of mother and child in nourishing the infant by way of mother's breast. Unfortunately, modern American society is still entangled with a taboo rooted in the past, and considers this natural act unpleasant. "Narbaghi" is a collection of works created in protest to this taboo.


Mojan Mozaffari is originally from Iran. she is a professional artist, with about 25 years. She holds a BA and a MA in Painting from the Faculty of Art of the Azad University, Tehran. Mojan showcased her artworks at more than 40 solo and group exhibition in Iran, Europe and the USA. She experienced different medium such as Painting, sculpture, installation, video art, conceptual art and performance art in different series of her works. Mojan made 7 short films, also performed as an actors in 2 short films. She awarded 8 national and international prizes in Iran and the USA.

Along with her works as an artist and stage designer, Mojan also was a university lecture at the Faculty of Art of the Azad University between 1997 to 2002. She has a great record of publications and interviews.

Mojan Mazaffari | Naar-baghi #5 | Mixed media | 56 x 45.5 cm

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