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Metamorphosis: Exploring Transformation Through Art

Visual Arts Show | May 2024


Welcome to “Metamorphosis: Exploring Transformation Through Art,” an immersive journey into the profound and multifaceted realm of change and evolution. In this exhibition, artists are invited to unravel the intricate layers of transformation within their work, delving deep into the myriad facets of change - be it personal, societal, or metaphysical. Through their chosen medium, creators are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly, exploring themes of growth, rebirth, adaptation, and renewal. From unraveling the symbolism of metamorphosing creatures to capturing the emotional odyssey of inner transformation, “Metamorphosis” offers a platform for artists to delve into the profound and universal experiences of change. Embrace the theme and unveil the beauty and complexity of metamorphosis through your artistic expression. Join us as we explore the boundless possibilities of transformation through the lens of art.

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Bethan Hamilton, Bryn Richards, Burcak Yetkin, Claudia Panatti, Deborah Koenker, Delnara El, Emily Almodovar & Becky Tun, Kathy Wray, Lazaros (Laz), Maksim Ilyasov, Mei Yuan Law, Melanie Mann, Minni Mäkinen, Nils Lagergren, Ricky Woodman-Povey, Ronis Varlaam, Suresh Babu Maddilety, Tajinder Dhami, Tara Harris, Vladislav Motorichev..


Metamorphosis: Exploring Transformation Through Art

Expected to ship by the end of May

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