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Discover ‘Echoes Within: A Chronicle of Self and Memory’ an enchanting online art exhibition that delves into the intimate realms of personal recollections. Through an array of artistic mediums, this exhibition captures the essence of individuality and the mosaic of memories that shape us. Artists explore the interplay of nostalgia, identity, and the passage of time, inviting viewers on a journey through cherished moments, fleeting glances, and transformative experiences. As each artwork unveils layers of emotions and stories, ‘Myself - Memories’ celebrates the profound connection between art and memory, reminding us of the power of introspection and the beauty found within our own narratives.

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are:  Adam Strange, Amber Redican, Anthony Ynohtna, Cecilia-Xixi Liu, Delia Zorzoliu, Fatemeh Takht-Keshian, Helen Joyce, Jen Price, Jen Workman, Karen horsfall, Kate Peel, Ksenia Rybka, Meg Gorman, Özgür Ilter Hurley, Tomas Lagunavicius, Yvonne Appleby. 

Echoes Within: A Chronicle of Self and Memory


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