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VISUAL ARTS SHOW | January 2024


Welcome to ‘Renewal Reverie: Embracing the ‘New Start’,’ an evocative exhibition inviting artists to delve into the concept of fresh beginnings. This collection encapsulates the essence of renewal, hope, and transformation across a spectrum of mediums. Each artwork resonates with the profound theme of new beginnings, be it at a personal, societal, or environmental level. This exhibition illuminates the beauty inherent in reinvention and celebrates the resilience of change. It captures the inherent optimism of starting anew, offering a diverse array of interpretations and introspective reflections. ‘Renewal Reverie’ aims to inspire and honor the myriad perspectives through which artists express the profound notion of a ‘New Start.’


The artists whose work features in this exhibition are:  Amy Jackson, Andy Grinham, Brydie Dawn, Carlotta Olympia Pompei, Claire Manners Wood, Crisia Constantine, Shifrin Elena, Elisa Yanguas Francia, Ghala Vasylenko, Harrison Rios, Jovita Bhengra, Lan et Yves, 06D Atelier, Milie Nguyen, Oliver Hanney, Rimin Lim, Sebastian Cole, Tannaz Ghasemianpoor, Tanya Verver, Tomas Lagunavicius. 

Renewal Reverie: Embracing the ‘New Start'


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