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Immersed In Nature: An Artistic Exploration

Visual Arts Show | December 2023


Welcome to an immersive celebration of the natural world captured through the artistry of visionaries like you. Our exhibition beckons artists to unveil the splendor and tranquility found in landscapes, flora, and fauna. Whether your canvas embraces realism or dances in abstract interpretations, channel the breathtaking essence of nature through your craft. Every medium and style is embraced in this collective ode to the wonders of the great outdoors, inviting you to weave your unique perspective into this tapestry of natural beauty.


The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Adam Wilson, Andrea Shearing, Ben Gray, Christina Godley, Christine Woodard, Fan Lee, Gavin Middlewood, Helen Alice Johnson, Indira Kakabayeva-Solanik, Jacek Krzysik, Janet Stafford, Jessie Lijiaqi, Jovita Bhengra, June Gersten Robertsm, Ksenia Rybka, Law Mei Yuan, Lawrence Aaron Gilson, Magdeline Dunn, Maria Donnai, Martha Lianostathi, Mikky K, Namrata Bhatter, Quin de la Mer, Robert Austin, Rosie Burns, Scott Gibson, Stuart Smith, Tomas Lagunavicius, Wang Shuo,  Yevheniya Duka,  Yvonne Coughlan.

Immersed In Nature: An Artistic Exploration


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