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Throughout art history, dreams have been a very common theme, particularly as they relate to dreams and their meaning in paintings. Mysterious and enigmatic, paintings surrounding dreams question us, disturb us and fascinate us simultaneously. Thus, a dream in art is like a wandering spirit on a journey of the imagination. We welcome artists of all mediums, different artistic approaches, and from all countries to depict their thoughts on this theme ‘Dreams throughout Art’.  

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Chris Avis, Faye Waddington, Frances Ann Norton, Hebe McKenzie, Lawrence Aaron Gilson, Lita Doolan, Lucia Yonge, Marco Joubert, Mary Anne Zammit, PartSuspended, Patricia Bidi, Phil McCumskey, Kamanda  Phineas, Pink and grAy (Sylvia Causer and Andrea Freeman), Renata szulczynska, Rostyslav Zavhorodnii, Tamara Pavlovic, Victoria Strelciunaite, Zoltán Kocsis.


Dreams Throughout Art


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