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Behrouz Nournia.


Color pencil on museum board and mylar.

38 x 34 inch



Behrooz's art is a reflection of his personal journey through time and thought. His predominantly abstractwork is often inspired by nature's ever-changing movement as it affects structures, people and society.Behrooz Nournia lives in New York City where he has worked as an architect, sculptor and painter for over 30 years. Behrooz holds 2 Masters Degrees in Architecture from McGill University in Montreal and from Tehran University in Iran. He has worked internationally as an architect and urban designer for the past 35 years, while also showing his art. Behrooz's work has been featured in seven international exhibitions.Having begun painting at an early age, Behrooz took his inspiration from the rich world of culture and history growing up in Tehran, Iran. He used many different mediums, painting in watercolor, ink, oil, pencil and graphite. He has also sculpted in glass, clay, and metal. 




In this series, unseen energy interact with natural elements; water, earth, wind and fire, as it soars above natural spaces. The fluttering of wings traces the path of the energy as it melds and becomes richer with nature's elements, and finally takes flight. The melding brings beauty, peace and completion.

Flight | Behrouz Nournia | Color pencil on museum board and mylar | 38 x 34 inch

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