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Nasrin A. Moghaddam

Blue Flowers 2021

Oil on canvas

40x50 cm



My favourite form of expression is painting, which I like doing using various technics according to what best fits the representation. This being said, I often prefer using oil paint, since it gives me the freedom to be very detailed in my paintings.

I draw inspiration from nature and everyday objects, which become a medium I use to express my thoughts and moods. Said objects can sometimes be teapots and flower vases, common things we use in our daily life and pay no mind to. The colours and the characters derive from the emotional state I am experiencing at the moment of creation, they are therefore often autobiographical references which, however, when contextualized, take on the meaning of universal truths. The very composition becomes a statement itself, the "objects" become subjects taking on a more meaningful identity compared to their material form.

I am interested in drawing the attention of the beholder towards nature seen as the true source of beauty, and in highlighting how precious it is and how much it deserves to be safeguarded. Even the smallest creatures have a role to play in nature’s big scheme. Having lived in Italy for a long time, the nature that makes appearances in my paintings is mostly inspired by the tuscan countryside and the mediterranean Italian coast, at the same time, also the air and atmosphere of my native country (Iran) are often the theme of my artworks. My Persian cultural heritage and philosophy are at the basis of my art style.

Nasrin A. Moghaddam | Blue Flowers 2021 | Oil on canvas | 40x50cm

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