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Roya Najafzadeh Asl

From Repetition of Nature Collection

Untitled 2017

Fine liner & pencil on cardboard



Repetition of Nature

Repetition is an inseparable, integral part of our world. On many occasions, the life of us, humans, is owed to the same repetition. Perhaps many a times this repetition and continuity render us weary and despondent. The repetition of some things, however, is fresh and will always keep fresh and that, in my opinion, includes Nature as well. Therefore, in the collection at hand, I have attempted to depict the experience of this exhilarating section of Nature, through this repetition; Moving along the path many artists have previously practiced and experimented studiously.


Roya Najafzadeh Aslis from Iran, West Azarbaijan. She holds an MA in painting from the Isfahan Art University, Iran. She is living and working in her hometown, Khoy. She believes that this place inspires her better than anywhere else and has a great effect on her artistic practice.

All contents of her paintings come from Azarbaijan's culture and natures.

Roya Najafzadeh Asl | Untitled 2017 | Fine liner & pencil on cardboard| 34x49cm

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