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Ardeshir Mohassess, Iranian Cartoonist

Drawing, lnk on arch paper.

17 x 14 inch.


Ardeshir Mohassess, an Iranian artist long resident in America who pushed the art of the cartoon to almost Surrealist Satire of his native land in work both popular and profound-pulsating with slain and mutilated shahs, mullahs and ordinary citizens; sardonic captions; and stylist references to ancient art forms- died on October 9 at the age of 70 in Manhattan.

He was caricaturist often compared with Saul Steinberg for the bite and style of his cartoons, but he also drew inspiration from masters like Daumier and Picasso as well as from Iranian art of the 16thand 17th centuries.

Mr.Mohassess himself insisted he was most of all a reporter. His reportage was directed at the most disquieting elements he saw in Iran ́s identity-selfishness, tyranny, hypocrisy and injustice.

Untitled I | Ardeshir Mohassess | Drawing, lnk on arch paper | 17 x 14 inch

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