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The cityscape is the urban construct which as a versatile phenomenon reflects cultural manifestations and transformations. By considering the structuring of the cityscape as the formation of an integral whole of cultural artefacts and by focusing on the semiotic theories as well as the theories extended by cultural-historical psychology, the contemporary architects face an urgent task of building a ‘living’ body of the city related to the cultural context by the semantic ties. Since culture may be described as a dynamic phenomenon, the perception and evaluation of the common, sometimes hardly distinguishable tendencies of transformation of the cityscape as the form of cultural content and the architectural-urbanistic task arising from them becomes an important condition of the formation of the mentioned ‘living’ environment. (Zaleckis, K. 2010).  We welcome artists of all mediums, different artistic approaches, and from all countries to depict their thoughts on this theme ‘Cityscape – City Life’. 

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Adrian Flaherty, Alex Saba, Amy Yoshitsu, Aurelie Crisetig, Babs Smith, Elizabeth Wrigley, Faye Waddington, Francesco Puliga, Immy Haskey, Janet Stafford, Jo Lovelock, Kate Peel, Klaus Pinter, Olivia Guarnieri, Patricia Thompson, Paul Hartley, Paul, James Kearney, Stephen Feather, Yifan Li.

Cityscape – City Life


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