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Alireza Darvish

EXILE III, 2006.


41 X 59 CM


Alireza Darvish
He is born in 1968 in Rasht (Iran).

1984-1988 / He studies History of Art and Painting at the “Fine Arts Institute” in Teheran (Iran).

1988-1994 / He works as illustrator for art and literature magazines like “Donjaie Sochan” and“Naghashe Galam” in Iran.

1989 / He wins the second price for “Young Painters Conquest” in Iran.

1991-1994 / He works as painting and drawing teacher at the “Fine Arts Institute” and “Atelier Moab”, In Teheran.

2000 – 2002 / Graphic Design curse te “inMedia- Bildung GmbH” in Cologne. He works for 3 months at “Bavaria Film Studio” Munich.

2003 / He moves to Barcelona, where he lives for three years and works as illustrator fordifferent literature magazines like “Letras Libres” and “DELIBROS”.

2005 / He moves to Prague, where he works as graphic designer.

2006 / He now lives in Cologne, where he works as graphic designer, illustrator and animator.

2009-2010 / 2D animation and drawing (long version) Film "The Green Wave".

2010-2011 / 2D animation and drawing (long version) Film " Camp 14 - Total Control Zone"

2010-2012 / Drwing for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Radio Farda, USA. 


He has acted as jury for different film festivals, such as “VideoArt 100 Kubik” (Cologne, Germany, 2010) and “1st Spanish Animation Film Festival” (Prague, Czech Republic, 2006).

EXILE III | Alireza Darvish | PEN & INK – WATERCOLOR | 41 X 59 CM

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