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Reza Rafiei Rad

Love on the PCB #2

Mixed midea (Digital work printed on canvas, and painted by acrylic on it)





What is presented here, this time not in the medium of literature but with imagination as medium and drawing on the vast field of conceptualism, is without mediation of words but dependent on visuals and semiology. Always present in these works are visual impressions of internet networks as a sign of the modern age and its considerable effect on human relationships. Lovers’ conversations, written and oral, go from one network to another. They communicate with each other like real lovers, but what goes on in the internet has no indication of consummation. Why? Because in all case, even when technology provides pictorial presence, we are still faced with lack of real presence. Neither the lover is beside the beloved, nor the beloved is beside the lover. Therefore, the exchanged content, passing from one to another, speaks more to separation (faraaq) than to union (vesaal). What these works emphasize is this very point. These depictions of making love, over the internet, can be called the contemporary books of separation.

Reza Rafiei Rad | Love on the PCB #2 | 59x82cm

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