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Paper Abstract

The Place of Memory

Andrew Hardwick

Caroline Boff

Claire Manners Wood

Claire-Louise Pitman

Dave Farnham

Esperanza Perkins

Gemma Louise

Georgina Hobbs

Greg Hallahan

Gülbi̇n Özdamar Akarçay


Joshua Obara Norwood

Karina Hatcher

Kate Peel

 L Dolphin Brown

Linda Braham

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson

Maryam Takhtkeshian

Mike Mainwaring

Nazly Abbasi

Nicholas Middleton

Patrice Sullivan

Roman Naveskin

Rosa Pascual

Samantha Goodlet

Shen Fung Lin

Susan Kistner

Teresa Hedderwick

Zijing Chen

1 -30 June 2023

Maryam Takhtkeshian

Many artists have used artworks to explore their memories of the past, memories of people and fading memories. All artists with a different artistic approach reflected their individual and exceptional experience around the theme ‘The Place of Memory’.  


The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Andrew Hardwick, Caroline Boff, Claire Manners Wood, Claire - Louise Pitman, Dave Farnham, Esperanza Perkins, Gemma Louise, Georgina Hobbs, Greg Hallahan, Gülbi̇n Özdamar Akarçay, Ijwbaa, Joshua Obara Norwood, Karina Hatcher, Kate Peel,  L Dolphin Brown, Linda Braham, Louisa Pankhurst Johnson, Maryam Takhtkeshian, Mike Mainwaring, Nazly Abbasi, Nicholas Middleton, Patrice Sullivan, Roman Naveskin, Rosa Pascual, Samantha Goodlet, Shen Fung Lin, Susan Kistner, Teresa Hedderwick, Zijing Chen.

If you are interested to purchase one of these great artworks, please contact us. 

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