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Ephemeral Elegance:
Women in Artistic Reflection

Alisa Golovkina

Anna Rudenko

Brittany Kurtinecz

Caitlyn Matthews

Catherine Levey

Charlotte White

Chris Wilmott

Christine Martin (KissyColour) 

Darico Hasaya

Edd Jones

Ekaterina Bobrova

Francesca Busca

Gillian Mather

Iga Koncka

Jo Lamoureux

Judith Bach

Laura Higgins

Leyla Borovalı

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson

Marina Trani

Nicole Burnay

Niko Pazzaglia

Odelle Golomb

Olasumbo Wright

Quin de la Mer

Rachel Clarke

Romana Ashraf

Sandra Antonovic

Sylvie Millen

Tara Keegan

Tracy Satchwill

Victoria Skutina


1 -31 March 2024

Niko Pazzaglia, In Bodies

Step into the world of “Ephemeral Elegance: Women in Artistic Reflection” an immersive exploration of the delicate interplay between fleeting beauty and enduring strength within the diverse tapestry of womanhood. Through a rich array of artistic mediums, this exhibition endeavors to encapsulate the ephemeral moments of grace, resilience, and creativity that define the feminine experience. Artists skillfully illuminate the nuanced layers of women’s narratives, inviting viewers to reflect on the delicate balance between impermanence and timeless spirit. From evocative brushstrokes to sculptural masterpieces, each piece serves as a captivating reflection of the ephemeral yet profound elegance woven into the fabric of women’s lives, honoring their multifaceted roles and invaluable contributions to both art and society.

The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Alisa Golovkina, Anna Rudenko, Brittany Kurtinecz, Caitlyn Matthews, Catherine Levey, Charlotte White, Chris Wilmott, Christine Martin (KissyColour), Darico Hasaya, Edd Jones, Ekaterina Bobrova, Francesca Busca, Gillian Mather, Iga Koncka, Jo Lamoureux, Judith Bach, Laura Higgins, Leyla Borovalı, Louisa Pankhurst Johnson, Marina Trani, Nicole Burnay, Niko Pazzaglia, Odelle Golomb, Olasumbo Wright, Quin de la Mer, Rachel Clarke, Romana Ashraf, Sandra Antonovic, Sylvie Millen, Tara Keegan, Tracy Satchwill, Victoria Skutina. 

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