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Hidden Images

Acacia Ayliss

Anastasia Klymenko

Anna Aksenova

Chiamin Hsia

Donna Lowson

Indrė Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė

Izza Bajwa

Izzah Khalid

Khushbakht Islam

Kingsley Otu

Lisa Harkin

Mantas Gusevas

Matthew Dix

Medusas Lullaby

Mehdi Moghimnejad

Michelle Blancke

Lan et Yves Grandement

Stacie Amelia

Tomas Lagunavicius

Tony Maj

Yun Xuan Shi

1 -30 September 2023

Mehdi Moghimnejad,Monument[s] No.2,2023,Digital Photography and Digital Imaging,100_150cm.

Experience the captivating odyssey through the enigmatic realm of ‘Hidden Images’ within our exclusive online art exhibition. This event beckons artists across all domains to unfurl the mystique of clandestinity and unveil veiled narratives through their distinctive prisms. Plunge into the depths of the covert, employing surrealist reveries, enigmatic emblems, and shrouded brushwork to exhume latent significances. This thematic overture entices mastery of subtlety, infusing your oeuvre with an aura of enigma and fascination.

As observers engage with your opuses, they shall morph into connoisseurs of art, deciphering the concealed verities that lie tantalizingly beneath the surface. Present your enthralling creations and allow the hush of hidden images to reverberate sonorously. Join us in this expedition, where the artistry of ambiguity kindles curiosity and beckons the inquisitive spirit.


The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Acacia Ayliss, Anastasia Klymenko, Anna Aksenova, Chiamin Hsia, Donna Lowson, Indrė Gražulevičiūtė-Vileniškė, Izza Bajwa, Izzah Khalid, Khushbakht Islam, Kingsley Otu, Lisa Harkin, Mantas Gusevas, Matthew Dix, Medusas Lullaby, Mehdi Moghimnejad, Michelle Blancke, Lan et Yves Grandement, Stacie Amelia, Tomas Lagunavicius, Tony Maj, Yun Xuan Shi.


If you are interested to purchase one of these great artworks, please contact us. 

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If you are interested to purchase one of these great artworks, please contact us. 

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