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Abstract Surface

Humans and the Environment

Alexander Rozhnov

Amber Penney

Barbara Lessing

Elizabeth Wrigley

Geraldine Leahy

Hilary Rosen

Jane Tagg

John Walmsley

Julia Ellen Lancaster

Julia Sheremetova

Laura Bernardeschi

Lewis Andrews

Lynda McDonald

Maria Letsiou

Mia Bilbeisi

Mila Romans

Molly Oneill

Phil McCumskey

Transeuntis Mundi Project

Veena Purchon

Victoria Rotaru

Zorica Purlija

1 -30 April 2023

yulia sheremetova, Water, 2018, 60x80

Climate change and global warming caused by human-induced degradation of our planet continue to be persistent problems faced on a global level. We invite artists who use their artistic practice as a tool to interrogate wider socio-political concerns caused by the negative impact humans have on the physical environment, and who shed light on the impact of climate change through their art to submit their works for this exhibition.  We welcome artists of all mediums, different artistic approaches, and from all countries to depict their thoughts on this theme ‘Humans and the Environment’.


The artists whose work features in this exhibition are: Alexander Rozhnov, Amber Penney, Barbara Lessing, Elizabeth Wrigley, Geraldine Leahy, Hilary Rosen, Jane Tagg, John Walmsley, Julia Ellen Lancaster, Julia Sheremetova, Laura Bernardeschi, Lewis Andrews, Lynda McDonald, Maria Letsiou, Mia Bilbeisi, Mila Romans, Molly Oneill, Phil McCumskey, Transeuntis Mundi Project, Veena Purchon, Victoria Rotaru, Zorica Purlija.

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