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ČISTĀ is the Avestan derivative of the verb Cit, ‘to notice, to understand’, and denotes ‘intuition’ and ‘idea’. Avestan is the ancient Persian language used in the Zoroastrian scripture.

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Artist Room Residency

Are you an artist? Are you willing to have an ARTIST RESIDENCY at CISTA ARTS?

ARTIST ROOM RESIDENCY is a new space for artists who are working all around the world to have a new experience in between their day to day art practice and an online platform. Typically, an artist residency is a place - usually secluded- where visual artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers, or other creative professionals go to produce work for an extended amount of time. Artist-in-residence programs give artists the opportunity to live and work outside of their usual environments, providing them with time to reflect, research, or produce work. During a residency, artists can explore new locations, different cultures, and experiment with different materials....

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CISTA ARTS was founded by Dr Fatemeh Takht-Keshian in 2018. ČISTĀ is the Avestan derivative of the verb Cit, ‘to notice, to understand’, and denotes ‘intuition’ and ‘idea’. Avestan is the ancient Persian language used in the Zoroastrian scripture. A practising artist and curator, Fatemeh has created CISTA ARTS as a conduit to promote the work of artists who address contemporary societal issues and global concerns through their art. CISTA ARTS represents artists whose work transcends geographic borders, and those from the Middle East, and beyond.

CISTA ARTS is an interdisciplinary and transcultural organisation, working with artists, architects, choreographers, art historians, anthropologists, art critics, and other art-related practitioners. CISTA ARTS actively supports art students, including the showcasing of their works.



live your dreams!

خیالِ‌تان را تجربه کنید!

Maryam Takhtkeshian | photography |


How we Can Help You


CISTA ARTS offers the following services to artists, designers, buyers, collectors, and publishers: 


  • Providing an online platform for artists to market their works.

  • Offering exhibition space for artists to display their artworks.

  • Presenting artists’ works at art festivals, art fairs, and auctions. 

  • Acting as publishers in creating books of art, catalogues, and booklets.

  • Providing a platform for clients interested in acquiring Middle-Eastern artworks. 

  • Locating and purchasing Middle-Eastern artworks of interest to clients. 

  • Advising interior designers on selection of artworks and prints for commercial and private premises.  

  • Providing landscape designers and architects  advice on suitable sculptures and site-specific artworks. 

  • Providing Creative workshops that can be delivered in school/college/community organisations, and online.